PTCL Tax Certificate

With Easy Steps Follow, you can download PTCL Tax Certificate with withholding Tax at any time.

What is a Withholding Tax Certificate?

According to Wikipedia, Withholding Tax or a Retention is an Income Tax that is to be paid to the Government by Tax Payer on his income. The Tax is thus withheld or deducted from the income due to the receptionist.

How To Get PTCL Withholding Income Tax Certificate?

Mostly, PTCL users of Landline, Charge, and Evo can generate their Tax Certificate for Income Tax. At Staying At home, you can download your Income Tax withholding Certificate with ease and Easy Steps.

PTCL Tax Certificate for Landline Users

Here are the complete details about How to Download Landline Bill Tax Certificate. Just follow these Instructions to view the Tax Certificate Online & Download it.

  • Click on the link to the page.
  • Now Select your Service type¬†“Landline”
  • Select Your Correct Area Code
  • Enter PTCL Phone Number
  • Enter PTCL Account ID
  • Select The Time Period Which is required for Income Tax Certificate
  • Solve the Captcha
  • Click on Inquire Tax
  • Wait for Some Seconds
  • Your Tax Certificate is Ready to Download or View Online

ptcl tax certificate 2022 for landline users

PTCL Tax Certificate For Chargi / EVO

You can also download the Tax Certificate for Charge / Evo Users. Follow the Instructions and View or Download Tax Certificate for Chargi / EVO Customers.

  • click on the Url Given End of The Page
  • Select the Service Type¬†“Charge / Evo”
  • Copy The MDN Number Back of Chargi / Evo Devices
  • Now Put This MDN Number on Opened PTCL Page without 92
  • The Second Step is to Enter the ESN Number
  • ESN Number is also known as ICCID Number
  • Now Enter the CNIC Number who is registered with This Chargi Evo Device
  • Enter Required Date to Generate and Download Tax Certificate for Required Periods Date
  • Solve the Captcha and Click on Inquire Tax Button

ptcl tax certificate 2022 for chargi evo users


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