PTCL Speed Test

This is PTCL Speed Test Page, where you can check your DSL, Landline connection Speed Test on a Laptop Desktop Computer, or Mobile device. You Know that PTCL offers 4, 6 8 MB Internet Packages data. If you are facing low Internet speed of PTCL, you can check Speed Test PTCL.

Best Easiest Ways to Check PTCL Speed Test Online

Before checking the PTCL Speed of your Connection, you should just follow the Instructions.

  • If you have Installed Any VPN Software, Disconnect it because VPN Software slows your System.
  • Also, closed all tabs of your Internet Browser because other Tabs Websites using your Internet may cause slow down your Internet Speed.
  • If you Check Ptcl Internet Speed Online on your computer, Restart your Computer and then Restart your Browser. After doing all of this, you can check the Internet Speed Test Process.

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Note that check Speed Test Twice or thrice to get Perfect Speed Test Result

PTCL Internet Speed Test - Ptcl Speed Test

What is Download Speed?

Download speed is the Rate of Internet MB (Mega Byte) or KB (Kilobyte) Data that transforms from the Internet to Download Files on your Computer Laptop or Mobile Devices. your downloading website may be different when you are using YouTube live Streaming, Viewing News Websites, Streaming Free Online Movies, and Use Shopping Websites to Buy Products.

What is Upload Speed?

Upload Speed is that type of Speed that is the data transformed from Your Computer to The Internet. you should in mind that Faster your data upload, your Internet Speed will be faster. Sending Speed counts Online Video Streaming, Video Calling on Whatsapp Messenger Skype or Viber App.

Are You Know About Ping and Jitter?

Ping is also latency or Delay which measures the Internet Speed consumed Information from One place to another Place. Also, Ping shows awareness of the Connection that does not rely on the download or Upload speed of your Internet Connection.

On the Other Hand of fact that Jitter Tools always depends on Ping Rate Currently. If The Higher The Jitter Rate the More Inconsistency in the Internet Connection Response Time. Also, the Higher Jitter Scores, The More in Results in Broken Live Steaming Online, Voice Calls, Or Poor Video Quality.

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