How To Change PTCL WIFI Password

Are you Searching For How To Change your PTCL WIFI Password then you will be happy to see that We have A Beginner Guide to Changing your WIFI password PTCL Connection? Most People when installing PTCL Connection Modem they don’t know how to configure and change the password the first time so that nobody can use it later. In this article, you will know everything about How to Rename a PTCL WIFI Password in simple ways. PTCL wifi Password Change procedure is very simple and easy to follow the Instruction to rename the connection password.

How To Change PTCL WIFI Password with Complete Guide Lines

We need to follow these steps to check your Current Password and change it also at a later time.

  • First of All, open your Internet Browser – Chrome, Opera, Firefox
  • Enter URL in your Browser
  • You will see A Dialog Box to Enter your Username and Password Assigned By PTCL
  • After Submitting the username and password, A New Window will be open
  • In the left Side Menu, Select  Wireless and then Security
  • Finally, you can change the password according to your requirement.

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How to Type IP address in Search Bar?

On your Computer or Laptop, open Any Internet Browser which you are using at this time. Now, On The Search Bar, Enter your PTCL IP Address and Press Enter. I think all PTCL Connection uses IP Address for logging in. you can use it also.

How to Type IP address in Search Bar.

Enter the PTCL username and Password

The next option is to Enter your Assigned Username and Password. When you get a new connection with a Modem from PTCL, in most cases PTCL uses the default Username and password. On the Backside of Every Model, you can check your Current Username and password to enter PTCL Login Page.

You should also know that in Some Cases, the PTCL Default username and password are Admin As a user, and Admin As Password. 

enter the ptcl username and password

Go To PTCL Page and Change The Password

This is the most important part of the How to change PTCL WIFI Password Process. After Login the PTCL Password Page, follow the Instruction and Change or Rename your PTCL wifi Password.

  • After login the Page, Select Wireless from Left Side Menu Panel
  • Over there, Click or Select on Security Option
  • On Security Page, You will see Multiple Options to Select.
  • But You will see the current PTCL Model Password on WAP / WAPi Passpharase Option 
  • After See The Password, You can Change it when you click on the ****** Password option.
  • Now Apply and Save
  • you Have done the job.

Go To PTCL Page and Change The Password

What is My PTCL Router Username and Password?

  • To Change Router IP WIFI Password, open your Computer or Laptop
  • When you open The Browser, Enter the Current IP Address
  • New Window Will be open To Enter your Username and Password
  • The Username and Password of The PTCL Model will be found on Modem Backside with Sticker Shape.

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