PTCL Duplicate Bill 2023 – Print PTCL Duplicate Bill Online

PTCL stands for Pakistan Telecommunication Limited. On this Website, We will tell you everything about PTCL and its Services. you can use this website free of cost.

PTCL Duplicate Bill 2023 – Print PTCL Duplicate Bill Online

PTCL - Download PTCL Bill 2022 - Print PTCL Duplicate Bill Online

PTCL Helpline 

If you have any queries or Questions in Mind about their Services, you can contact them via Online Helpline Number. The Company Helpline Numbers are 1218, and 1236. This is a 24/7 service, you can use it all day and Night.

PTCL Live Chat - How to Contact PTCL Customer Care Center

PTCL Bills

Due to many reasons, The company allows its customers to pay their bills before the last date. If you don’t pay the bill amount before the last date, the PTCL services may discontinue or disconnect by PTCL Authority.

it is also mentioned that Mostly you don’t receive an ebill copy from your shop or postman who is responsible to give your original bill before the last date that you pay on time If you don’t do that you will be responsible and pay extra charges, not the company.

If you don’t receive the bill and want to get a duplicate copy of your Home Connection and Internet bill copy, then you can get it after following some easy steps. You must have an old bill copy to check the bill ID or Reference Number to check the online duplicate bill copies.

Bill Online Payment Options

The company provides the best bill payment options to their customers to pay their monthly dues before the last date and get rid of extra charges if they pay bills after the due date. Any Customers of the company can get a duplicate Bill Dbill of the product they are using and pay the bill on a monthly basis.

How do Get a Duplicate Bill copy Online?

The company allows its customers to download and get duplicate bill 2023 copies online and save them on their Mobiles, Laptops, or Computers. You can visit,¬†The company’s Official Website and after entering your Bill Account ID, you can download your current and previous Monthly dbill Duplicate copy.

After following the above steps, you can download your Bill copy quickly whenever and wherever possible.

Live Chat

The Company has the Best Call Center Facilities to live chat with their customers online to solve their Issues regarding any Queries about Slow Internet Speed, Landline Telephone, Speed Tests, etc.

Tax Certificate

If you are Filer and Want to get Your Tax Certificate filled out with your FBR Account. You can Check All details about Tax Certificate Here.